Sehen wir uns?Meet CATMANMød CATMANSalon de Jardinage 2013

    Meet CATMAN

    Once again CATMAN was present at the Have & Landskab [Garden and Landscape] exhibition in Slagelse. The weather was excellent and the interest for the products presented very satisfying.   Garden and Landscape – homepage                          


    CATMAN Rakes

         Makes cleaning of gravel easy!  

    NEUHEIT - CATMAN Leichtes Saugrohr NEW - CATMAN Lightweigt suction pipeNYHED - CATMAN LetvægtssugerørNOUVEAUTÉ - CATMAN Tube d’aspiration de poids léger

    NEW – CATMAN Lightweigt suction pipe

      CATMAN Lightweigt suction pipe – weight only 2 kg. With adjustable handle.                                                        

    CATMAN KippkastenCATMAN Tip body 300 LCATMAN 300 L tipkasseCATMAN Benne basculante 300 L

    CATMAN Tip body 300 L

      CATMAN Tip body 300 L – with hydraulic or manual tipping.                                                                        

    CATMAN Laubsauger als Nachlaufgerät CATMAN Leaf collector for towing CATMAN Bugseret løvsugerCATMAN Aspirateur de feuilles

    CATMAN Leaf collector for towing

      CATMAN Leaf collector for towing – fork- or ball coupling.                                                          

    CATMAN MotortruckCATMAN MotortruckCATMAN MotortruckCATMAN Motortruck

    CATMAN Motortruck

    CATMAN Motortruck – articulated steering. Servo steering. Hydrostatic drive with continuously variable travelling speed. Width only 80 cm. Draw hook for trailer etc. Differential brake. Tipping seat – adjustable. Rack. Efficient suspension secures stable driving on uneven ground. Working load up to 500 kg.

    NEUHEIT - Gabel für PalettenaufzugNEW - Forks for pallet liftNYHED - PallegaffelNOUVEAUTÉ -  Fouchettes pour levage de palettes.

    NEW – Forks for pallet lift

    CATMAN Forks for pallet lift.                          



    Save the job of handling bags! Up to 75 % volume reduction due to an efficient knife system.              


    Welcome to the web site of J.N.Jensen & Sønner – here you will find information about our quality products.

    Our line of products consists of two main groups: CATMAN Motor Trucks, Leaf Collectors and Rakes – AGERSKOV Straw Choppers, Straw Bedding Machines and Straw Grinders. In both groups you will find a varied line of machinery.

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